The John Muir Way

part 8

croy TO strathblane  

Back to the Way, and on the path again. Back to the Antonine Wall. Starting on the Kilsyth to Croy Road, is innocuous but very quickly hits the vertical-looking site of the Wall which climbs up to Bar Hill. Like most of the Antonine Wall, there’s not a lot to see. When I first saw it I needed to look at the map to work out what it was, and how it was. I know better now. We, the incredible Neil and I continued to impressed most particularly the steepness of the climb, which means that the highpoints of the wall, like Bar Hill, look over the ramparts below. Impressive. The Bar Hill site is quite obvious and well described. Tidy.

It gets steeper…… Roman lines

It gets steeper…… Roman lines

In addition to the historic interest , the Bar Hill area is pleasant walking obviously with the same views over to the Campsies as the one from Croy Hill. Time to follow the markers down to Twechar.

Twechar is, or rather was, a pit village, and sits on the Forth and Clyde Canal