This page was originally constructed as part of an attempt to provide a walks around Falkirk service which failed to take off. The walks are still there, and I would be happy to walk with people who are interested in looking around Falkirk. And I will be still developing such walks. However, the content is now broader and more rambling, both physically and in terms of focus. Hopefully it interests you, and I would enjoy having feedback. There is a comments page, and I am likely to respond to any questions or conversations,


Using local paths we are able to help walkers and visitors see places of interest and to understand the importance of those areas telling us the story of Falkirk and of Scotland.

We use a number of paths around Falkirk, passing through several areas of significant interest in the local area, including sections of the John Muir Way and Callendar Park. The network of paths is quite extensive and covers two battle sites and several places of industrial importance in the making of Falkirk.

Your Walks

Through talking with you, we aim to match your interests to the various sites within the area currently covered. For instance, we can offer a trip to the remains of a Roman fort, a walk along a canal towpath as it passes through a 680m tunnel or a tour of an historic battlefield. 

Walks can be made to suit you and your interests. For more information, contact us directly by visiting our 'Contact Us' page.